Hosting or attending a party? Sala’s specialty cocktails and martinis are surely the way to liven up any gathering! Choose from our many delicious options — available in 8oz or 16oz reusable plastic bottle. All bottles contain PRE-SHAKEN mix (ready to serve). No preparation or shaking necessary!

  • 8oz Bottle SHAKEN (makes approx. 1.5 drinks): $13
  • 16oz Bottle SHAKEN (makes approx. 3 drinks): $25

Please fill out the form below to inquire about ordering. Last minute requests may be submitted, but not guaranteed. If we are currently open and you’d like to pick-up for same night, please call Sala directly at 617-479-4863 to place your order.

For order confirmation you will receive an email or call from us within 24 hours of your request. All orders must be pre-paid prior to pickup.

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